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Living area furniture 

Your living space is given character by the distinctive, modern architecture of Stosa.

Modern and functional living spaces can be created in your house by using coordinated furnishings, shapes, and finishes in various rooms.


Designs for living

Your TV is supported by suspended base units, and attractive equipped walls are created by open displays and closed wall units. The form of Stosa furnishings makes them multi-purpose and versatile for any type of home environment.

With Stosa living area furnishings, your living space is made even more comfortable and social, all surfaces are used to their full potential, and light is a crucial partner.


Kitchen, dining area and lounge become a single space

People are increasingly selecting kitchen and living room furniture that maintains a consistent aesthetic. The best way to achieve a balanced, cohesive look is to furnish both spaces with coordinated furnishings and finishes, particularly in open-concept kitchens. Giving these various areas of your property a consistent color scheme, matching wood details, and display cabinets with the same contemporary design makes them appear and feel more welcoming. Together, the kitchen and the living room form a unified, distinctive area.

Equipped walls: bookcase, TV cabinet and cupboard space

With Stosa's equipped walls, your living space takes on a new shape. These configurations serve as TV cabinets, bookcases, and storage areas for books and ornaments.

The distinctive features of Stosa lounges include their clearly defined geometric lines, harmonious colour schemes, and light, well-balanced compositions that provide lots of room for mobility.


Living area shelves

Shelves enable you to utilise both the wall and floor area in your living room. Shelves complement the lounge furniture and provide useful extra room. They also come in all of your favourite designs, including industrial, modern, rustic, and Nordic.

These crucial furnishings complete your kitchen and give the room a feeling of coherence.

Home office solutions for a complete lounge

You can get everything you need for a sophisticated home workplace from wall compositions. You can design your own workstation with Stosa by adding open components, backs, and seats. The extremely adaptable design system of Stosa ensures total freedom in the arrangement of individual components.


Workstations come with pull-out tables, peninsulas, and stools and can be either fixed with a boiserie and table or temporary. Working from home can be practical and fruitful without sacrificing style thanks to the range of solutions offered by Stosa.

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Stosa Wood: when wood becomes king of the lounge

Wood brings balance to your living space with its warm, inviting appearance. Nature and its components can serve as an inspiration for even modern designs.

Natural wood finishes are in style right now and produce a look that blends classic elements with contemporary lines.


Tables, ice chests, sideboards, cupboards, wall units, and shelves are among the retro-style items available in Stosa's Wood collection, which highlights the natural appearance of freshly cut wood. A genuinely distinctive furnishing style is the end result.

Cupboards, the evolution of a traditional furniture item

Cupboards in today's multipurpose living spaces combine style and utility while offering useful storage for a variety of items, including books.


This antique piece of furniture can now take on a fresh, contemporary form with clean lines, distinct forms, and multiple uses.


Bookcases: design and functionality combined

Your living room will appear cosier and more interesting with bookcases. To match the design of your home, Stosa provides bookcases in steel or wood.

Each Stosa furnishing endeavour is designed to meet the space and aesthetic preferences of the client.

Choose from our suspended bookcases for less room but more style if you prefer a cleaner look and do not want a bookcase to take up an entire wall.


Browse our catalog and discover how Stosa can satisfy your needs

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