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An infinite combination of material and color for breathing new into your kitchen

Stosa Cucine

An Italian family with over 50 years of history and one great passion: kitchens.

Every day, Stosa works to achieve a single objective: to make life better by supplying top quality kitchens* and products that stand out for their design, innovation and attention to detail and are manufactured in a way that respects man and the environment.


A Stosa kitchen

Stosa products are designed with the style and functionality to make the time you spend in the kitchen more enjoyable.

From classic to modern collections and from the kitchen to living area furniture, Stosa interprets, designs, and adapts space to meet your needs and match your desires.


Quality, first and foremost

​At Stosa, every phase of production, from concept to design, production to installation, is characterized by quality.

Stosa kitchens are the result of constant research, carried out daily to identify and anticipate stylistic and functional trends.

​Quality, of course, also stems from the careful selection of materials that conform to the strictest standards of strength, durability, reliability, and sustainability.

​At Stosa, all these aspects are supported by innovation, in the form of investments in the latest production systems and an illuminated approach towards product development, with a commitment to originality and a welcome for everything new.


Flexibility in design

Customization is one of the main trends in the market today. It responds to a growing demand for unique ways to express personal taste and character.

Stosa has welcomed this trend and transformed it into a higher, more complete principle: flexibility in design. 
Stosa offers a vast range of solutions for personalising your kitchen with different elements, finishes, opening systems and worktops.

You can even mix different models in the same configuration.

​These unique opportunities are guided by total, professional consulting to help you choose and develop the perfect style for your kitchen, your home, and your life.


There is a special power that turns dreams into reality: the power of passion.

Stosa has been producing quality kitchens for over 50 years, with the future in mind.
Overall this time, Stosa has always been committed to creating products that make you proud of your choice.
The same still applies today.

A forward-looking approach pervades every aspect of life at Stosa and represents one of our most fundamental business principles.

Stosa's strength derives from an energy that is fed daily by passion and commitment, energy that adds the values of innovation, design, ergonomics and sustainability to everything we do.

Browse our catalog and discover how Stosa can satisfy your needs

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